#ShortNews: Survey: 74% of US Catholics say cohabitation is acceptable

As more U.S. adults are delaying marriage – or forgoing it altogether – the share who have ever lived with an unmarried partner has been on the rise.

Young adults are particularly accepting of cohabitation – 78% of those ages 18 to 29 say it’s acceptable for an unmarried couple to live together, even if they don’t plan to get married – but majorities across age groups share this view. Still, even among those younger than 30, a substantial share (45%) say society is better off if couples who want to stay together long-term eventually get married. Roughly half of those ages 30 to 49 say the same, as do majorities of those ages 50 and older.

Views about marriage and cohabitation are also linked to religious affiliation. About three-quarters of Catholics (74%) and white Protestants who do not self-identify as born-again or evangelical (76%) say it’s acceptable for an unmarried couple to live together even if they don’t plan to get married. By contrast, only 47% of black Protestants and 35% of white evangelical Protestants share this view. And while half or more across these groups say society is better off if couples who want to stay together long-term eventually get married, white evangelicals are the most likely to say this (78% do so). Among those who are not religiously affiliated, fully nine-in-ten say cohabitation is acceptable even if a couple doesn’t plan to get married, and just 31% say society is better off if couples who want to stay together eventually get married.

Source: https://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2019/11/06/marriage-and-cohabitation-in-the-u-s/

#ShortNews: Persecution of Christians in Europe ‘much closer,’ says Hungarian premier

Hungary’s Prime Minister has warned that Europe’s religious, cultural and demographic nature is changing so rapidly that the kind of persecution of Christians taking place in such countries as Syria, Iraq and Nigeria is “much closer” than “many people think.”

In a forthright speech at a major international conference on persecuted Christians in Budapest, Viktor Orbán said the “only thing” that can save Europe is if it “reverts to its real Christian values” along with its “Christian roots and Christian identity.”

Hungarians believe Christian values lead to “peace and happiness,” Orbán continued, which is why the country’s Constitution states that “protection of Christianity is an obligation for the Hungarian state. It obliges us to protect Christian communities throughout the world suffering persecution.”

As Hungary lies on a “pathway” of Muslim migration, Orbán said they feel obligated as Christians to defend their culture, especially as religious, demographic and cultural changes have been exacerbated by “illegal migration that results in uncontrolled migration into Europe.”

Source: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/edward-pentin/christian-persecution-in-europe-much-closer-than-many-think-warns-hungarian

#ShortNews: Violence against Christians steadily increasing in India

275 episodes of violence against Indian Christians reported (from January 1st to October 31st 2019) on the toll-free number activated by the “United Christian Forum (UCF) and by the “Alliance for Defending Freedom”( ADF), organizations committed to defending the life and rights of Christian communities in India. As announced to Agenzia Fides, of the 275 episodes of violence reported on the toll-free number, 192 were intimidation and threats by a crowd of militants. We are talking about 27 accidents per month, compared to the average of 20 accidents in 2018. According to data from Fides, 145 women and 106 children were injured in cases of mass violence.

Among the most recent episodes, recorded in October 2019, on October 24, 2019, in a village in the state of Orissa, a group of militants broke into the homes of nine Christian families, burning Bibles and other Christian literature in front of the statue of a Hindu god.

According to data recorded by the “United Christian Forum (UCF) and “Alliance for Defending Freedom” (ADF) since 2014, attacks on Christians have steadily increased: they were 147 in 2014, 177 in 2015, 208 in 2016, 240 in 2017; 292 in 2018.

Source: http://www.fides.org/en/news/67011-ASIA_INDIA_Violence_against_Christians_the_growing_trend_is_confirmed