#MoralStory: Merry Chrismas in advance!

Did you know there is a great difference between the word CHRISTMAS and the word XMAS?

CHRISTMAS is combination of 2 words: Christ and Mass

Before Christ was born some so many years ago 25th Dec used to be PAGAN’S day for SACRIFICES.

Later in the year 533 AD Constantine the head of the then Roman Church which is today the Roman Catholic, changed the day from pagan’s day of sacrifices to Jesus Christ’s birth commemoration. He called the day THE MASS FOR CHRIST ie CHRISTMAS

  1. CHRIST in Hebrew means The Anointed One or The Chosen One
  2. MAS in Greek means A Big Gathering of People

Thus CHRISTMAS means The Gathering of Christ!

Then, where did the word X-MASS come from?


Its believed that after the day of Christ’s gathering {CHRISTMAS}, became famous n respected worldwide, Atheists n AntiChrists decided to change it by removing the name Christ for an X to mean that there is no Christ.

It changed the meaning  by reading X-MASS i.e to mean “there is no Christ’s Gathering”


X is often used 2 designate a person,thing, factor, whose true name is unknown/withheld.

It’s used to take out, excise,cancel words.

“X” has nothing to do with “Christ” “The Anointed One,” Don’t replace Christ with “X”

Therefore as a Catholic don’t use X-MAS but CHRISTMAS

You might have made that mistake before but this year don’t do it again by wishing people X-Mass instead of CHRISTMAS. Our Father in heaven is a lovely father and a merciful one at that, so stop using Xmas in place of Christmas

God bless you as you help and join in correcting this error.

The Lord bless u and have a Merry Chrismas in advance not XMAS!!