No Room At The Inn


“No room at the Inn” was the message then,

As the Christ child came to earth;

No room for the babe to lay his head,

No room for the royal birth.

The world had been waiting for their king;

They had waited, watched, and prayed.

But the Son of God came, then was gone,

And they knew not where he lay.

“No room at the Inn” is the message now,

Mankind has no room for him;

There is room for silver and gold and jewels,

 But still there’s no room at the Inn.

The Christ child waits at the door of men’s hearts,

Waiting to be asked in;

Will the world who so needs the light of

Christ Be wise men and invite him in?

“No room at the Inn” was the message then,

Pray it might not ever be thus.

At Christmas time and all year through,

Make room as he’s made room for us.