Hello and Warm Greetings from Catholico!

I’m Priscilla, the owner of CATHOLICO.

I was born and raised Roman Catholic in a non-Christian country. When I was young I thought being active in the church (e.g. joined the church choir, lector, psalmist, etc.) was the only way to serve God. But now I realized I could share the Word of God and reach wider audience by writing in a blog like CATHOLICO.

I first created this blog on July 2013, the third month after I moved out from my home country. The last 3 years before I moved out was the lowest moment in my life. When I finally moved to a new place, new country, new environment, God certainly has given me a new opportunity to be a better person. And to give back to Him I decided to do my own #LittlePilgrimage to visit all the Catholic Churces around Singapore and recorded them here. Along the way, I found out I could do more than just sharing the churces I visited, I could share more, I could write more, I could possibly bless or help others by making daily post here (except on Wednesday).

Please follow CATHOLICO and help to share the good news of The Lord!

God Bless you!

6 thoughts on “Shalom!

  1. Thank you for sharing the Good News! However, you have been posting Good News Reflections without permission from the author, without giving a link back to the source, without giving credit to the source ( Please contact me to find out how to appropriately share the Good News Reflections: One way to do it is to use our widget: so that all information stays intact and we may thus be able to serve your readers in more ways. Please see our copyrights permission page:

    thank you!

    • Hello GoodNews!
      I apologize I didn’t know some of my posts were exactly the same copied from link you attached. Please note that I copied them from emails I received from my church. I’m not sure is the widget from your link is workable or is it mean to be like that. Please do let me know.
      Thank you.

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