Support the Training of 28 Young Religious Women in India Northeast India, the Catholic Church is still relatively young. In 2016, she celebrated 120 years of ministry here, but in many parts of this region, Catholic missionaries were only able to enter during the second half of the 20th century. This is an isolated and underdeveloped area, marked by political unrest and conflicts, by deep poverty and many other problems. But the Church here is very much alive and vital; now there are almost 2 million Catholics in the region, while the number of vocations to the priesthood and religious life is growing.

The Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod have been working in Northeast India for 37 years now, and recently they established a new regional province for the congregation in the city of Guwahati, in the state of Assam. The congregation has 18 convents in the region, with 96 professed Sisters. They care particularly for physically and mentally handicapped children and for sick people generally.

The Sisters also help young girls from poor family backgrounds who are unable to continue their school education, teaching them useful practical skills such as needlework, sewing and darning, including handmade decorations, so they can later support themselves financially. They also help families and women, giving encouragement and counseling, and striving to convey the love of God for all by their lives. Given that the Church in this region is still so relatively young, there is a great deal still to be done to help the faith become deeply rooted in people‘s hearts and souls.

At present there are 28 religious Sisters still in formation. Like most of the Catholics in this region, they, too, come from poor families and from the ethnic minorities. The congregation needs financial help in order to provide them with a solid spiritual and vocational formation. Some of them will even pursue university studies, to help them better confront the many challenges they face. ACN is proposing a contribution of $19,300.

Will you give to help these future religious Sisters in India? We are sure they will gratefully remember you in their prayers.

Jesuit Refugee Service Singapore Singapore was formed in the early 1980’s to address the urgent Vietnamese Refugee and East Timor crises.

The country’s first coordinator for Jesuit Refugee Service Singapore was Fr Desmond Reid. He will be remembered best for coordinating humanitarian relief at the height of the exodus of the Vietnamese boat people after the war.

Fr Reid would not only appeal for donations in kind for the Hawkins Road Camp but would mingle with the refugees to teach them English.

JRS Singapore reports directly to the JRS Asia Pacific Regional Director, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Jesuit Refugee Service (Singapore) Ltd was formed in early 2017 and we are a member of Caritas Singapore.

Today, we are a group of about 50 active volunteers from different churches and backgrounds. We come together monthly for faith formation and discussion on our projects, fundraising activities and social mission trips.

Our focus for 2018 is to ramp-up our support for our various refugee projects to address the humanitarian crises in South East Asia.

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Give Support to UNHCR

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was created in 1950, during the aftermath of the Second World War, to help millions of Europeans who had fled or lost their homes. They had three years to complete our work and then disband.

Today, over 68 years later, the organization is still hard at work, protecting and assisting refugees around the world.

Click HERE To check out UNHCR historical pictures.

Let’s give our support for UNHCR.



Lent is the season to give

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Who is Missio? Pontifical Mission Societies provide for a global network of people who are making the difference for the poor and forgotten. Young Pauline Jaricot learned about the Missions of her day from letters from missionaries. She decided to do something to help their work, right from her home in Lyons, France. Pauline gathered her friends and workers in the local silk factory into small groups. Everyone in the group pledged to pray for the Missions daily and to offer the equivalent of a penny each week. Each group member then found ten other friends to do the same. Within a year, she had 500 workers praying daily and offering help each week.

Pauline’s efforts became The Society for the Propagation of the Faith. The first collections supported the missions of China and the United States. By 1922, The Society for the Propagation of the Faith – and three other societies established to help the Missions – became Pontifical, or the Popes official ways to help the Missions, moving their headquarters to Rome.

In the first 100 years of its existence, The Society for the Propagation of the Faith sent $7 million to help what was then the young church in the United States. Catholics here started contributing in 1833, with a gift of $6. Today, U.S. Catholics provide 25 percent of the support sent to mission territories that cover more than half the globe, with a majority of that help provided to Africa and Asia.

With MISSIO, today’s technology meets the Church’s age-old mission of helping others, delivering direct and immediate access to those making a difference in the world’s most vulnerable communities. MISSIO places Pauline Jaricot’s inspired crowdfunding idea into an extensive online platform with the ability to reach more people and develop relationships across borders of distance and language.

You might come to MISSIO to donate, but MISSIO offers you more: the connection to others whose daily lives might be very different from yours. As Pope Francis suggests, the culture of encounter means not just seeing, but looking; not just hearing, but listening; not just passing people by, but stopping with them; not just saying, “what a shame, poor people!” but allowing yourself to be moved with compassion.

MISSIO is a New York Not-for-profit and 501(c)(3) that is included in the Group Ruling of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops affording it the status of a US Charity.

Please Help Those in Need This Easter

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Easter 2016

Dear Friend,

The good Lord has always been on our side. He has seen us through thick and thin. Our faith has been purified through persecution,” says Father Gideon Obasogie of the Diocese of Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria, where his faithful are undergoing unrelenting and unspeakable horrors at the hands of the terrorist group Boko Haram.

More than 5,000 Catholic men, women and children in northeast Nigeria have been killed. At least 100,000 have been displaced. The Church is struggling to help 7,000 widows and 10,000 orphans.

In Father Gideon’s diocese alone, 350 churches have been badly attacked. Most dioceses and half of the parish centers are under Boko Haram control. Pope Francis tells us, “Around us there is the presence of evil….But I would like to say in a loud voice:  God is stronger!”

ACN-20150410-22873This Easter, will you help Father Gideon and other religious respond to the needs of families who are fleeing Boko Haram? Will you reach out, and as the Holy Father has said, show them that God is, indeed, stronger?

Bishop Doeme of Maiduguri, too, is concerned about his people.  “A life lived with much fear is terrible…The threat we face presents a very bleak future for the Church. Many of our members are scattered and others have been killed. In some areas there are no Christians anymore.”  “The extremists point a gun or a knife at the faithful saying that if you do not convert you will be killed.”

The situation is a desperate one.  Thanks to our donors, we are supplying emergency aid to people from Maiduguri seeking sanctuary outside the diocese, supporting displaced persons with food, shelter and medicine, and providing Mass stipends to Maiduguri priests seeking refuge in nearby dioceses.

We need you in order to continue this vital aid.  This Easter, a time of joy in His Resurrection, please help us to show that despite the presence of evil, God is stronger.

Please keep our suffering faithful in your prayers, as well as Bishop Doeme and Father Gideon, two courageous men who are standing strong for their Church and their people.

May you enjoy a blessed Easter with your loved ones.

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Remember Your Loved Ones

Dear Friend,

Who will you remember on All Souls’ Day this year?

Have you lost a parent, a sibling or friend? Will you be going to Mass and lighting a candle? Or perhaps visiting final resting places and laying flowers? Sometimes just taking a quiet moment out of a hectic day and saying a prayer for our loved ones is what we choose to do.

However you remember those you have lost, these good works and prayers help our departed souls. We help them to enter heaven and experience God’s everlasting love and mercy.

At Aid to the Church in Need, we create a spiritual connection between our donors and poor priests who will celebrate Mass for your intentions. Your Mass stipend will enable you to memorialize your loved ones in the holiest of ways – helping them to “walk the path of purification” – while at the same time, aiding a priest in need in one of the poor countries we serve.

Holy Mass is currently celebrated every 26 seconds around the world for the intentions of our donors, while one priest out of every nine is supported by an ACN donor!

One such priest is Father Benedict Kandathiparambil in India. In the state of Andhra Pradesh in south-east India, Fr. Benedict can now minister more easily to 18 villages under his care because of the Mass stipends donors like you provided to him.

Father Benedict told us, “There is one other priest helping me in my work. On Sundays each of us celebrates several Masses…We are full of joy that we are able to proclaim the Gospel.”

Your special offering today helps a priest like Father Benedict with sustenance and creates a spiritual bond between you and priests like him. You’ll be honoring your loved one with a Mass while helping those who have devoted their lives to God and His followers.

As Father Benedicts says, “I cannot tell you just how much these Mass stipends help us. Our people are poor and they cannot give us much in the way of support. That is why your Mass offerings are our only support. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported my mission by their sacrifices.”

Having a Mass offered through Aid to the Church in Need and coming to the aid of a priest in need this All Souls Day is a sacrifice meaningful in the most sacred of ways. Thank you.

May God bless you and the memory of your dearly departed now and always and may they forever rest peacefully in the comfort of His light.

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Pledge of Faith

September 2015

Dear Friend,

His Holiness, Pope Francis, is visiting the United States. Please join him on a spiritual journey of love and faith by signing your name to a Pledge of Faith.

Recommit to growing each day in faith, hope, and kindness, while also promising your support and solidarity to our suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. All pledges will be presented to the Holy Father upon his return to the Vatican.

Thank you for joining Pope Francis on this journey of faith. Click here to read and sign the Pledge.


Aid to the Church in Need

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Help Us Send Emergency Aid to Nepal Earthquake Victims

Thousands Awaiting Rescue after Magnitude-7.8 Quake

Click here to make a gift now to help Nepal Earthquake victims.

As the death toll from the Nepal Earthquake climbs above 4,000, the total extent of the devastation remains uncertain. Mudslides, aftershocks and rough terrain have slowed rescue workers’ attempts to reach remote mountain villages where unknown numbers of survivors are still waiting for food, water, medical care and safe shelter.

In response to this urgent need, we have secured Emergency Health Kits that are ready for expedited airlift into Nepal. Now we just need the funds to get the live-saving supplies there! Your timely support and prayers are crucial as our staff continues to monitor the unfolding crisis. Make a gift now to send aid to the Nepal.



May the Joy of His Resurrection be with You!

Do not be afraid or ashamed
to be Christian.

~ Pope FrancisEaster 2015Dear Friend,

The sound of bombs exploding filled the night sky over the people of Karamlesh, Iraq. ISIS, the extremist group, was advancing. Martin, a 24-year-old seminarian, knew that danger was near.

Martin’s neighbors began to flee, clutching their children close, carrying what they could on their backs. The young seminarian rushed out of his home, then hesitated. He needed to get to safety, but his heart told him that something vitally important had to be done first.Martin Baani small 2

Martin ran to his neighborhood church, took up the Blessed Sacrament, close to his heart, and carried it to safety. “We must not be afraid,” Martin said with steadfast resolve. On a terrifying night, this heroic seminarian rose from the chaos and was not afraid or ashamed to be Christian.

Every Easter, we experience a renewal of our faith and love in Him. What does it mean that Jesus is risen? As the Holy Father said, “It means that the love of God is stronger than evil and death itself; it means that the love of God can transform our lives and let those desert places in our hearts bloom. The love of God can do this!”

Your gift will help seminarians continue to bring God’s light to the darkest corners of Earth.  These young men of God bring the solace and hope that only the Risen Lord’s message can offer – a message of salvation at a time of death and violence.

As the nightmare of extremism continues so must the mission of these young men. Please help protect the vital service to God that seminarians such as Martin provide, so that they may bring comfort to the troubled and the weak and the lost.

May you and yours enjoy a peaceful Easter, and may the risen Christ guide you on the path of justice, love and peace.

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P.S.   This Easter, please help seminarians, under the Lord’s gentle guiding hand, change hatred into love. May God bless you.

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Emergency Fund – SAVE Iraqi Christians from Genocide

Your Christian brothers and sisters need your help — today.

Right now, terrified families and children are fleeing parts of Iraq, as a fresh wave of violence crosses the land. Among them are many Catholic Christians. The faithful have lived in the city of Mosul for nearly 2,000 years — today, it’s entirely empty of Christians. And this shocking crisis could grow worse as the Islamic extremists march toward Baghdad.

What can you do today to help Iraq’s Christians and give them hope?

You can support the Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Syriacs Christian families and the brave priests, nuns and brothers who are on the ground and ready to care for the injured, the orphans and the frightened refugees.

Please be as generous as you can. You can share the love of Christ with those who need him the most.

Give now and your gift will be sent directly to the Chaldean Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle where it will do the most good it can. Only by ‘Prayer and Action’ as mandated by Pope Francis, can we do our part to save these people.

Contributions to Your Catholic Voice Foundation are tax deductible.

*Your Catholic Voice Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Corporation. Your Catholic Voice Foundation has been granted a recognition of tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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