Mother dearest, Mother fairest


Mother dearest, Mother fairest,
Help of all, who call on thee.
Virgin purest, brightest, rarest,
Help us, help, we cry to thee.

Lady, help in pain and sorrow,
Soothe those rack’d on beds of pain,
May the golden light of morrow,
Bring them health and joy again.

Lady, help the absent loved ones.
How we miss their presence here.
May the hand of Thy protection
Guide and guard them far and near.


Mary, help us, help we pray.
Mary, help us, help we pray.
Help us in all care and sorrow.
Mary, help us, help we pray.

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#MoralStory: Parable of a Pencil

St. Mother Teresa of Kolkata said, “We are all pencils in the hand of God.”

In the earlier days of space research, a space research centre had to devise a method to enable astronauts to write in the special conditions of outer space such as zero-gravity. A team of scientists proposed an expensive project to develop special pens for use in space. While the proposal was being presented before the staff, a young scientist stood up and asked, “I have a humble suggestion. Instead of spending such a large amount to develop a special pen, why don’t we try to use an ordinary pencil?” The suggestion was received with great applause. Initial trials proved that a pencil could work well in conditions of zero-gravity and some early space travellers used it. Later, it was feared that the fine particles of graphite from the eroding lead can conduct electricity and may adversely affect the operation of delicate electronic control systems in the closed conditions of a space-ship and so better substitutes were fabricated.

A great teacher gifted a pencil to each of his students and asked them to list the lessons of life that they could learn from a pencil. The major messages they presented were the following:

1…Each pencil has a definite purpose. It draws a line as it moves forward. This line becomes specific letters, words, phrases, sentences and a finally, a unique presentation with a meaningful message.
Every person is a special noble creation of God with a particular purpose, role and mission in the world. By our life and actions, we have to fulfil the intention of the Creator.

2…A pencil permits to be held and guided by a hand to perform with perfection.
We must be ready to be guided by the will, words and hands of God. We must be humble and ready to surrender ourselves to the will of God. That is the only way to achieve great things in life.Read More »

Lessons from Mother Mary

Why is it when we were younger we thought we knew everything, yet the older we get the more we realize we don’t know what we thought we knew?

Thank God that He gave us such a good mother that can teach us in simple and quiet ways. These are the lessons I’ve learned from Mother Mary:

Perseverance in hope

I once had a young teenager come up to me after my presentation on chastity. She was six months pregnant. With tears of joy in her eyes she thanked me for the encouragement to practice chastity and live a pure life with Christ. She shared that after she became pregnant, even when no one else knew of her situation, she rededicated herself to purity. She was made fun of in school, teased by people on Facebook and suffered the emotional pain of the breakup with the boyfriend.

Her peers called her a walking contradiction with her new outlook on purity, offering no support and tortured her with hateful comments. Even still, she went on with her new mission in life – to be a mother to this unborn baby with a rededicated heart to purity. She accepted her responsibility but also believed that God had a plan for her child. Since then, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl who was adopted by a couple, and the young girl is still dedicated to purity.Read More »

#MoralStory: Rosary Saved A Child’s Life

I am a 40 year old who recently married and renewed Catholic faith through my wife. She taught me how to properly say the Rosary and Novena.

My neice Christie, a neice who I had dismissed from the family after she moved to L.A, had 2 children with a man who went to jail for murder in Texas. That was 14 years ago. June 2010 Christie notified the extended family that her 9 year old daughter had received a most horrible diagnosis. She had noticed a lump in the neck of her daughter, sought medical attention, it was on the MRI that the radiologist diagnosed the lump to be angiosarcoma (a very aggressive cancer). I immediately texted her (Christie) and told her to be strong, her daughter needed to know she was in control.

Our research on the net found that this type of tumor was very brittle and spreads very easily, I found only 7 cases or so documented in children (most under the age of 2). In these cases the tumor was unusually aggresive (compared to adult versions). Only 7% survived after 5 years. Even worse the tumor was attached to the carotid artery (bloodflow in the direction of the brain would allow easy spread there, the child would loose her mind) and attached to the jugular vein (which would provide conduit for spread to the rest of the body).Read More »

Mary’s Song (Millie Rieth)


My soul doth glory in your love, O Lord.
My soul doth glory in your love, O Lord.
For you gazed on your servant with compassion,
And you reached out and took me by the hand.

Great are you, God, and holy is your name.
Your mercy reaches to the end of time.
Ah, the lowly you raise to the heavens,
And the proud-hearted have no part with you.

Ah, how you fill the hungry with your love.
With empty hands the rich are sent away.
You will always be mindful of your mercy,
As you promised your people long ago.

My soul doth glory in your love, O Lord.
My soul doth glory in your love, O Lord.
For you smiled on your servant with compassion,
And you reached out and took me by the hand.

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