#LittlePilgrimage 29. Church of St. Anthony of Padua

i think i’m getting lazier to finish my #LittlePilgrimage which is not a good idea. i already lost 2 churches because i was too lazy to upload them. anyway,, these are some pics i took for this #LittlePilgrimage no.29

#LittlePilgrimage 29. Church of St. Anthony of Padua, 25 Woodlands Avenue 1 (between Blk 331 and 335), Singapore 739064

anthony - Copy DSC_1723 - Copy DSC_1728 - Copy


DSC_1727 - Copy

#LittlePilgrimage 28. Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea

#LittlePilgrimage 27. Churh of Christ The King,10 Yishun Street 22, Singapore 768579

20100109014530151 - Copy DSC_1708 - Copy DSC_1713 - Copy DSC_1721 - Copydo you know??? (–cuz i don’t!)

Our Lady, Star of the Sea is an ancient title for the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. The words Star of the Sea are a translation of the Latin title Stella Maris.

The title was used to emphasize Mary’s role as a sign of hope and as a guiding star for Christians, especially gentiles, whom the Old Testament Israelites metaphorically referred to as the sea, meaning anyone beyond the “coasts”, or, that is to say, sociopolitical, and religious (Mosaic law), borders of Israelite territory. Under this title, the Virgin Mary is believed to intercede as a guide and protector of those who travel or seek their livelihoods on the sea.

In the twelfth century, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux wrote: “If the winds of temptation arise; If you are driven upon the rocks of tribulation look to the star, call on Mary; If you are tossed upon the waves of pride, of ambition, of envy, of rivalry, look to the star, call on Mary. Should anger, or avarice, or fleshly desire violently assail the frail vessel of your soul, look at the star, call upon Mary.”

OK. about my visit to this church.

after some of ‘flying Jesus’ i saw on some churches where Jesus wasn’t nailed on the cross above the altar, today i saw no Jesus and no wooden cross above the altar in this church. i saw mozaic cross on the stained glass behind the altar though, but somehow it still not quite right for me.

if this was your first time visit this church, please be notice that this church located hidden in the middle of HDBs area, walking distance from the bus stop, but you must trust streetdirectory in this case. sorry to say, but i noticed this building somehow looks like a barn. after i entered the building, on the right hand side, there is a gang of Mother Mary statues. i don’t understand why do they put same statues in a one dark corner. but i do appreciate the effort people put the flowers for Her.

and this is the official web of this church : http://olss.sg/

#LittlePilgrimage 27. Churh of Christ The King

bad news. i lost all the pictures of church of St.Asisi and church of Holy Cross. which means, #littlepilgrimage on west district still incomplete. but anyhow, i’ll move on to north district now and i plan to finish this quick now. and will get back to the missing churches later on.

#LittlePilgrimage #LittlePilgrimage 27. Churh of Christ The King, 2221 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 569809

Copy of ctkingCopy of DSC_1728 Copy of DSC_1735Copy of DSC_1710another church located in the middle of HDBs. but the good thing is this church is easy to find,, and located only (around) 4 or 5 bus stops away from AMK hub. the second floor of this church somehow remind me of Church of Holy Family at east district.

i arrived 1 hour before the Mass started,, so i decided to take silent moment inside the chapel which is a small and peaceful room, very quiet and a perfect place to waste the time on praying.

this is the official web of this church : http://www.christtheking.com.sg/


#LittlePilgrimage 24. Blessed Sacrament Church

i was so excited to start and finish west district as fast as i could, but then i fell sick for the past few days. i was supposed to go for 10:45am Mass, but i was still at my bed until quite late. but then before 10 o’clock, i suddenly had this urge to go. so i jumped out of the bed, had a quick shower and rushed to the church.

streetdirectory told me it will took about 1 hour from my place to that church it was 10:05am when i finally get into the bus. and as we all know–nothing impossible in God’s plan, right? the bus took me to the church very quick, and i still had 10 min before the Mass started. awesome!

#LittlePilgrimage 24. Blessed Sacrament Church, 1 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 149603

CYMERA_20141005_121940CYMERA_20141005_121221CYMERA_20141005_121313i like the truth about visiting west area, which means i don’t need to take 2 hours bus journey which is quite fun but tiring.

when my bus finally stopped in front of the church, i remember i passed by this church several times and didn’t think it was roman catholic one. i always in this narrow thought–that roman catholic church supposed to use saint’s name?’ and who would think this building is a roman catholic church by at glance? it does look like a tent from the outside!

but once i stepped into the church, i immediately fell in love with this church! the red bricks and woods are always the best mix for interior! the design of this building definitely not the european style, instead it reminds me of some churches back in my home country. this church looks very unique and humble–very traditional, unique yet simple design, and even the gong! i love the gong!! i even like the futuristic-shuttlecock-ceiling lamp–too bad i forgot to take picture of the one and only futuristic thing i could find in this building–so far! i really love the red bricks and woods combination, and how they put all the statues in white colour to keep it simple. nicely done!

i also like the fact there’s one direct bus from my place to this church, and one direct bus from this church to orchard! haha. i didn’t feel so good but i had to take my orchard dose! haha.

this is the official web for this church : http://www.bsc.org.sg/


Catholic Church At The West District Singapore

these are the list of Catholic Church at West District which I forgot to make the summary :

21. Blessed Sacrament Church : https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/littlepilgrimage-24-blessed-sacrament-church/

22. Church of St. Francis Asisi : missing pics. sorry. will update l8r :*

23. Church of St. Ignatius : https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/littlepilgrimage-14-church-of-st-ignatius/

24. Church of St. Mary of Angels : https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/littlepilgrimage-26-church-of-st-mary-of-the-angels/

25. Church of The Holy Cross : missing pics. sorry. will update l8r :*


there are 2 churches i lost their pics. couldn’t find it on my phone. *sob*. it means i have to go there once again to update for the pictures. cheers!


Catholic Church At East District Singapore

i finally finished with East district. here are the list :

15. Church of The Holy Trinity https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/06/15/littlepilgrimage-18-church-of-the-holy-trinity/ –> remember : “Holy Trinity Church” was Anglican, and “The Church of The Holy Trinity” at Tampines was the Roman Catholic one!!

16. Church of Saint Stephen https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/06/22/littlepilgrimage-19-church-of-st-stephen/

17. Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/07/06/littlepilgrimage-20-church-of-our-lady-of-perpetual-succour/ –> the lovely church with colorful flags and a hidden message!

18. Church of The Holy Family https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/littlepilgrimage-21-church-of-the-holy-family/ –> remember the Lady in Blue painting

19. Church of Divine Mercy https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/littlepilgrimage-22-church-of-divine-mercy/ –> the stunning-flying cross!

20. Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/09/28/littlepilgrimage-23-church-of-our-lady-queen-of-peace/

my next stops will be west district. hopefully i can finish this district within this year.

cheers! 😀 😀

#LittlePilgrimage 23. Church Of Our Lady Queen of Peace

last sunday, 28 sept, i visited the last church at east district,

#LittlePilgrimage 23. Church Of Our Lady Queen of Peace, 4 Sandy Lane, Singapore 437321

CYMERA_20140928_160003DSC_1740CYMERA_20140928_154310 it was a special day because my friend was going to meet me at that church, on the 10:45am Mass. it means, i had to wake up very early in the morning to get there. it was sunday, i supposed to wake up late but this time i woke up at 7 and somehow i felt ready for my long journey. 😀

my streetdirectory suggested me to took bus 971e. i spent around 15 minutes and the bus never came. #selfnote : never take that 971e!!!! so i had to quick change to plan B, which was bus 67, but that bus usually have a slow driver and i was afraid i couldn’t make it on time–i hate being late! so i took plan C; mrt and bus ride.

i arrived at the church 30 minutes before the Mass started. i walked around the church but couldn’t find anything interesting. i wasted my time few more minutes around the gift shop to wait my friend. she finally arrived with her parents, and we went inside the church together. there was nothing so special about this church. everything was fine. only the altar was look like one of the altar’s church i went before but i don’t remember which church. i found these interesting green tiles in front of the altar.

and here’s the official web of this church: http://www.queenofpeace.sg/

#LittlePilgrimage 22. Church Of Divine Mercy

next on my #LittlePilgrimage around east district,

#LittlePilgrimage 22. Church Of Divine Mercy, 19 Pasir Ris Street 72, Singapore 518771

DivineMercy CYMERA_20140921_131148CYMERA_20140921_131311i went to this church on 21 Sept. i planned to go for 11:30am Mass, so i took bus to woodlands. from woodlands i took to bus #168 and it went through a highway. i wasn’t really sure where i was at, so i asked the lady who was in the same bus with me, and she started to speak in mandarin. 😦 #selfnote : learn mandarin!!!!!! finally she told me she will stop at the same stop with me so i don’t need to worry. we then stopped in the middle of a highway, bus stop just next to epiphany church. i wonder why is this church located in the middle of a highway? couldn’t see any housings around. but anywho, i just stopped there for a while and changed to bus #39.

2 stops away from the previous bus stop, then we stopped in front of pasir ris west plaza. it was a super hot day, i didn’t feel like walking. my streetdirectory told me the church was behind this shopping mall, so i supposed i could get in and went to the back door. i stopped for a while to ask a man where the church was, and the church was there! the next building, just few steps away. just nice.

the church doesn’t look like the traditional catholic church–it even has a flat roof, not the hip roof. the building was well-blended with the HDBs around it. but as i walked in, i saw a beautiful cylinder–tempered glass? with Jesus on it. very beautiful, very colorful. the huge size literally greets everyone at the porch. stepped into the Mass room, i was immediately stunned at the cross above the altar. the cross was flying, the crown of thorns was huge, way bigger than the cross itself. and it was the first Jesus statue i saw with so many scars–He looked like wearing a torn clothes cover up his body but we all know it was his skin! we know Jesus was tortured his skin and flesh was ripped apart, but most of the statues they show only the five holy wounds. i really love this statue and i think i hurt my neck because i stared at it almost all the time. haha.

it was nice because this church located just next to a shopping mall, so i don’t have to worry about my lunch and i got my foot reflex there 😀

official web for this church : http://www.divinemercy.sg/



#LittlePilgrimage 21. Church of The Holy Family

i said i wanted to finished all the church in singapore within this year, but i am not too sure. i still have plenty to go, and now i am not sure i have that much time to go around singapore every monday. anywho, i’ll do my best. this year or next year, i will and i must finished all the roman catholic church in singapore. –looking forward for the church in japan. i hope i have time to visit one of them during my holiday soon.

#LittlePilgrimage 21. Church of The Holy Family, 6 Chapel Road, Singapore 429509


copy of familycopy DSC_1704 copy of Altar

i went to this church on 29 Aug, it was a beautiful sunny morning and i planned to go in 11:30 am Mass. i reckoned it will take about 2 hour to go to this church from my place. but what i didn’t reckon is, the bus was rarely go there. so i waited quite long time and i thought i wouldn’t reach there in time if i didn’t take a cab. my mistake.

so i took a cab, and reached the church within 30 min. it was before 11 am, so i had plenty of time to choose the best seat, pray, and observe the room before the Mass started. i noticed a painting of Mary on the wall, the blue color was very captivating even though it was located quite afar from my seat. i also noticed the beautiful stained glass above the altar, the sunlight from outside reflects its beauty on the altar floor.

i found out the church was nice, ground floor for car park, the church was on the 2nd and 3rd floor. i seated on the 3rd floor, and it was quite noisy because a lot of kids playing around during the Mass. this reminds me of sunday school back in bandung, Indonesia. i agree that the church supposed to have a sunday school, so that young kids can learn at the school, meanwhile the parents attend the Mass. or else, parents who have young kids who couldn’t stay quiet for about 1 hour, should sit at the corner back near the exit door, so they wouldn’t disturb others during the Mass. this is only my opinion. i know some parents always want to sit in front of the altar, so the kids can have the blessings too–well, that was selfish if you can’t keep your kids quiet.

anywho, after the Mass, i decided to walk along the east coast road, and found out there are many kinds of restaurants along the road. i stopped and had my lunch at indonesian restaurant, which is very nice! there are also chinese restaurants, malay/peranakan, many kinds of western restaurants, cafes,, etc.., i have to go there again and try another restaurant after the mass!

and this is the web of the church : http://www.holyfamily.org.sg/

#LittlePilgrimage 20. Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

as promised, i’m back with my #LittlePilgrimige this mid June. i must finished this pilgrimage in singapore within this year, as i have a plan to do pilgrimage outside singapore next year.

#LittlePilgrimage 20. Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, 31 Siglap Hill, Singapore 456085

Copy of body-bg-4Copy of CYMERA_20140706_175617 Copy of CYMERA_20140706_175122Copy of 1404637502397last Sunday I went to church of our lady of perpetual succour, because it was the first Sunday of the month the church held the mass in my language : bahasa Indonesia! this is the third time and the second church I went for bahasa mass since I lived in Singapore. I was so happy to hear people worship, praying and singing in the familiar language 😀

and the great thing was, I only need to take 1 straight bus from my place to this church. the mass was in 3:30pm. since I live in west area and the church was located in the far east, I reckoned it will take about 2 hours for me to arrived there. I took bus #67 before 1pm, and apparently I arrived at kembangan mrt station at 2pm, just 1 bus stop away from the church. I was way too early for the mass.

I spent almost 1 hour at a small café at kembangan mrt station, wasted my time with a new app I installed on my phone. just before 3pm, I took any bus to the church—it was only 500m from kembangan station. when I stepped out of the bus, it was start raining. actually I only needed to cross the street to reach the church, but as my hand was groping the umbrella inside the bag, the rain has became heavier, and in few seconds it became 30 degrees heavy and windy rain.

the few steps to cross the street has wet my half clothes to the shoes. my beautiful church shoes!! –yes I have a special pair of shoes only for church! haha. not many people attended the Indonesian mass, I think we only occupied 1/5 of the bench. but I did enjoy the mass in my language, I also enjoy shaking hands with strangers on ‘the sign of peace’ during the mass, while saying “damai Kristus” (in Christ’s peace), not just nodding our heads like Singaporeans do—for me it has lost the meaning as we supposed to shake hands because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

after the mass, there’s Indonesian food sale at the canteen at the basement. I happily took lapis legit, lapis Surabaya, lemper ayam and arem-arem (some of these food I can find at bengawan solo). today I satisfied my ear, my heart, and my tounge!

unique points : this church has a unique roof shape, colorful flags in front of the church, the blue-and-white sheets at the ceiling inside the church and especially was the hidden message! I hope everyone who visit this church could find the hidden message on the floor like I did :”D

here’s the web of this church : http://www.olps.sg/