#LittlePilgrimage 19. Church of St. Stephen

as promised, i’m back with my #LittlePilgrimige this mid June. i must finished this pilgrimage in singapore within this year, as i have a plan to do pilgrimage outside singapore next year.

#LittlePilgrimage 19. Church of St. Stephen, 30 Sallim Road, Singapore 387639

DSC_1366 - Copy DSC_1369 - Copy DSC_1372 - CopyI went to church of st.Stephen couple of weeks ago (22 June). my plan was going to our lady perpetual succour church for the morning mass, because my bus passed by this church during my trip to holy trinity church the previous week. in the middle of my journey, I suddenly remember I haven’t checked the mass schedule of our lady perpetual succour (OLPS) church. i was in the bus, 9:15am when I checked their web and found out the mass schedule was on 10:30am,, and I don’t think I could make it to their morning mass, and the next mass will be in the evening. and another important note, this church held bahasa (Indonesian) mass every first Sunday of the month!

so, plan changed. I didn’t have much choice as I was already in the middle of bus #67. and the only possible church in the east area with the same bus number was this st. Stephen church.

I didn’t know why the bus didn’t take usual route that day. it was going to other direction, so I had to stop at our lady of Lourdes church, walked few blocks away to the bus stop at Victoria street. as I was waiting for the bus #66 to come, I looked around and noticed that I was standing in front of a muslim cemetery, the exact crime scene where the police found the legs of the mutilated victim just few days ago. there’s somehow a cool and creepy sensation in the same time.

bus #66 finally arrived several minutes later. as my bus was passing the lavender street, I saw the same café I visited last week, the name is the coffee shop. it was a nice café, nice interior and nice food as well, it’s always crowded with tourists. but this time I noticed that the café was located in the intersection of lavender street and cavan road—In bahasa, cavan (read : kafan) is a white sheet muslim people use to cover the dead body before they put it in the grave—the body wrapped with cavan we called it ‘pocong’. okay,, 2 creepy stuffs in the same day.

finally bus #66 stopped at merpati road, then I walked around 400m to the church of st. Stephen. I guess the church had been under renovation recently, as it looks like an old building but still in a good condition. there’s a miniature model of this church (I took the pic!).

it wasn’t hard to find this church, but the truth that I had to pass the famous cemetery and the cavan road made me think twice if I had to visit this church again next time. anyway, the interior of the church was nice, and st. Stephen greeted us inside the building—not at the gate as st. Francis Xavier does.

and this is the web of the church : http://www.ststephenchurch.org/

#LittlePilgrimage 18. Church Of The Holy Trinity

as promised, i’m back with my #LittlePilgrimige this mid June. i must finished this pilgrimage in singapore within this year, as i have a plan to do pilgrimage outside singapore next year.

#LittlePilgrimage 18. Church of Holy Trinity, 20 Tampines Street 11, Singapore 529455

trinity - CopyCopy of DSC_1351 Copy (2) of DSC_1351DSC_1356 - Copyi was lucky because there was a straight bus from my place to holy trinity church. i planned to attend the 11:15am Mass. since i stay in the west and the church was in east cost, i reckoned it will takes about 2 hours by bus. so i left my place around 9am.

i arrived at holy trinity church before 10am. much earlier than i expected. so i decided to walk around the church first, since the Mass will begin at 11:15. about 10 minutes later, i walked into the church. i couldn’t find the holy water around the front door, so i asked to the 2 young girls who were standing in the front door as greeters/ushers. they said there is no holy water. it didn’t sound right. then i asked them where is the Mass room? – because what i saw in front of the glass door in front of me was a small room with a small stage–looked like an altar. but they replied, there is no Mass, this is anglican, not a catholic church. but they welcomed me to join their service.

anyway, i came to this place from far away and i didn’t have plan b. i didn’t want to come this far and went back home empty handed. so i thought to join their service. i did attend the protestant service, i did attend the buddhism service in a vihara, i did watch many times my muslim friends pray,, we all have one same God after all, aren’t we?

so i sat there, at the back row of the room, tried to enjoy the service. considered this as another experience–i obviously will stay on my roman catholicism forever. as i sat there, a nice old lady handed me over a book which looked like a service book. the right page of the book was written in chinese characters, the left page written in english.

few minutes later the service started. and it started in chinese–not english! and all these questions in my head i was trying to hide were all popped out : 11:15am supposed to be an english Mass, why is this in chinese? now it’s only 10:05am, not even 11am yet! and the ushers said this is not a Mass? if this is not a catholic church, then why is this church appeared on my catholic church list??

i stood up, seek for the ushers and showed them the web i found on archdiocese of Singapore. one of them said that this church i was attending, was a holy trinity church (hamilton rd), an anglican church. and the church i showed them on the web was The Church of Holy Trinity (tampines rd), a roman catholic church. and it located far away from this church, i probably wouldn’t make it for 11:15 Mass, unless i took a cab which was quite rare in this area.

i tried my luck. i run back to the bus stop, after some minutes later the bus #67 came. i counted on streetdirectory again, as i didn’t have any other options. stopped at bedok reservoir road, then changed bus to #18. it was 11:17am when i finally arrived at the church i was looking for. the opening song has just started, and as lucky as usual, i found a seat at the back row, even if the church was over-crowded because it our Archbishop, William Goh was conducting the Mass.

it was funny because during the sermon, the preach said that the anglican and roman catholic are different. that they are not united yet, that we shouldn’t go to anglican.

The Church of The Holy Trinity, located in Tampines road, is the roman catholic one. and the other one is Holy Trinity Church located in hamilton road, is the anglican one. if you searched on google, they both look the same–same pale building with chinese characters on the wall. and if you can’t read chinese, you will also think they are the same.

interesting point about The Church of The Holy Trinity, that Jesus wasn’t nailed on the cross–HE has risen on this church! Alleluia! 😀

this is the web of this church : http://www.holytrinity.org.sg/

Catholic Church At The Serangoon District Singapore

i finally finished with Serangoon district. here are the list :

10. Saint Anne’s Church : https://catholico.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/littlepilgrimage-10-st-annes-church/

11. Church of St. Francis Xavier : https://catholico.wordpress.com/2013/10/20/littlepilgrimage-11-church-of-st-francis-xavier/

12. Church of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary : https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/littlepilgrimage-15-church-of-the-blessed/

13. Church of Immaculate Heart of Mary : https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/littlepilgrimage-16-immaculate-heart-of-mary-church/

14. Church of St. Vincent de Paul : https://catholico.wordpress.com/2014/03/02/littlepilgrimage-17-church-of-st-vincent-de-paul/


the last church i visited on seranggon district was on 2nd march 2014. i will take a break for a while and continue on mid june. see u soon! 😉


#LittlePilgrimage 16. Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

i’m continuing my #LittlePilgrimage,,  but i will not go for my #LittlePilgrimage every week now, since i have to help the church canteen once in a while (dunno the exact sched) :P

ok. so i have this weird idea of doing a mission : go and have mass on each and every catholic church in singapore. it means i’ll go to different churches every week, having a mass there, enjoy the peaceful moment to pray, then go home. this mission i called #LittlePilgrimage Mission.

#LittlePilgrimage 16. Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 24 Highland Road, Singapore 549115

Copy of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church00 Copy of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church01 Copy of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church05 Copy of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church09it was a beautiful day when i went for another #LittlePilgrimage with my broken heart. there are just 2 churches left on Serangoon district, and i finally chose this one because of the easier way to reach the place. i was thinking to go to St. Joseph upp.bt.timah.rd. and attend the Mass there because i had no energy left after 2 sleepless nights. but then again,, maybe it’ll be fine just to do my #LittlePilgrimage afar from my place.

so this morning i decided to go for english Mass at 6:15pm. i chose this church because i had an option to go back to my place with train–because i don’t like taking a night bus. i went to the church with the bus of course–a daytime bus has beautiful scenery to offer. first stop is 1 bus stop after my office. then change to bus no.52 that bring me to  macritchie reservoir, change bus to no.156 and stopped just in front of the Seranggon stadium. then continued with 500m walk to Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.

it was a nice walk with typical hot weather. and the church was located in the middle of a quiet neighborhood,, remind me a neighborhood of St. Michael’s Church (and don’t know why it’s not St. Francis Xavier’s Church?). the first thing i noticed about this church was pillars with red ribbon. it was huge but somehow looks sweet with the ribbons. :”)

and apparently this church was huge! it was 2 storey church. and i found a quiet and peaceful place at the 2nd storey. and lucky i still had 75 mins before the Mass started. and i knew i was desperately need a quiet place right now. so yeah,, i was lucky. i came down to the 1st storey around 45 mins before the Mass started and joined the Rosary prayer.

after the Mass, i walked around 400m to upp.seranggon rd., and took mostly any bus to go to seranggon mrt station. and went back to my place by train.

a nice hint about this church : obviously was the cute pillars with red ribbons. and there was Mary statue above the main entrance. huge church–you couldn’t see it from the exterior of the building.

and here’s the web : http://www.ihm.sg/

#LittlePilgrimage 15. Church Of The Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary

i’m continuing my #LittlePilgrimage,,  but i will not go for my #LittlePilgrimage every week now, since i have to help the church canteen once in a while (dunno the exact sched) 😛

ok. so i have this weird idea of doing a mission : go and have mass on each and every catholic church in singapore. it means i’ll go to different churches every week, having a mass there, enjoy the peaceful moment to pray, then go home. this mission i called #LittlePilgrimage Mission.

#LittlePilgrimage 15. Church Of The Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary, 1259 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534795

Nativity Virgni Mary 18 - CopyNativity Virgni Mary 17 - CopyNativity Virgni Mary 11 - Copyit was a beautiful morning as usual–it’s always beautiful whenever i go for my #LittlePilgrimage. after finishing my quick breakfast today–somehow kaya jam with butter made me feels like a singaporean–i rushed for the bus to woodland reg.int. now we all know what is “reg.int” stands for, don’t we? :”)

after about 10 mins stood at berth 15 which will take me to somewhere around serangoon district, i got the bus 161. the bus took me around the PIE road. i always enjoy the view in singapore. it’s always beautiful, and it’s always successfully remind me how God has given me these beautiful things to enjoy and how HE granted many and many of my wishes! sometimes i still amazed with how beautiful everything turned out to be.

anywho,, i stopped one bus stop away before st. Anne’s Church–yes, i don’t mind to visit st. Anne’s Church again someday :)–and changed to bus 82 which took me to Punggol Park. i had to walk around 400m to reach Church Of The Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

a glance look from google, this church was as beautiful as The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. but once i got there,, i can say, this is another church that will go under renovation soon. the beauty was still there on the outside, but inside, the ceiling needs a touch-up. the benches need a varnish. the altar was decorated in red, as we will soon celebrate chinese new year next week.  in front of the church, there was a Mary statue, which i didn’t see before because i came from the side gate.

and i hate, oh i HATE those people was selling jars of roasted chestnuts. even the preacher, who read the church announcement before the Mass ended, also selling those chestnuts. i mean, i don’t hate chestnuts. i mean : “what would Jesus do, if He was here??”

anywho,, i didn’t want to throw the first stone tho,, so i just walked away after the Mass ended, headed for my rojak at the foodcourt next to the church, then walked around the Punggol Park since i wanted to refresh my mind–that was my first idea,, but i ended up got a severe headache after i finished circling the lake at the park then headed home with same bus.

the unique point of this church : the Mary statue in front of the church. this statue attracts people to stop by and pray. i even met a couple were kneeling with their heads on the ground–what the hey!

here’s the web of this church : http://nativitychurchsingapore.org/

and the wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_the_Nativity_of_the_Blessed_Virgin_Mary

#LittlePilgrimage 14. Church Of St. Ignatius

oh i miss my #LittlePilgrimage!! i miss my personal adventure so much!! and so today i start to continue my #LittlePilgrimage and as i am now helping the canteen on the first and the second sunday of the month,, it means i can only do my #LittlePilgrimage on the third, fourth or fifth sunday.

ok. so i have this weird idea of doing a mission : go and have mass on each and every catholic church in singapore. it means i’ll go to different churches every week, having a mass there, enjoy the peaceful moment to pray, then go home. this mission i called #LittlePilgrimage Mission.

#LittlePilgrimage 14. Church Of St. Ignatius, 120 King’s Road, Singapore 268172

Copy of ignatiusCopy of DSC_1086 Copy of DSC_1094i was attending this silent retreat of kingsmead, and it happened to be located just next to this church. a post-modern church, i might say. with cold-cement floor, wooden ceilings, asymmetrical altar, this is so a non common catholic church.

as i entered the room, the holy water was there, a big box with overflowing water which will be enough for everyone. never seen this kind of thing before. the two big screens automatically rolled up after the Mass ended. another fancy church. after all, we are here to attend the Mass, to hear God’s messages, not to admire or mock the building.

Christmas Mass Schedule 2013 (in Singapore)


Dec 24: 9.00pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 9.00am, 11.00am (Latin)

Dec 24: 9.00pm (M*), 11.30pm
Pageant, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.30am (M*), 11.00am

Dec 24: 8.00pm (Carolling), 8.30pm (Mass), 10.00pm (Carolling & Pageant, T*), 10.30pm (Mass, T*)
Dec 25: 9.00am, 10.30am (T*), 6.30pm (T*)

Dec 24: 9.00pm (M*), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 9.00am, 10.30am, 12noon

Dec 24: 8.00pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.30am, 10.30am and 12.30pm

Dec 24: 9.30pm (Carolling), 10.00pm
(Pageant), 10.30pm (Mass)
Dec 25: 9.00am, 5.30pm

Dec 24: 9.30pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.00am (M*), 9.30am,
11.00am, 3.00pm (Indonesian)

Dec 24: 7.00pm (Pageant & carolling) 8.00pm Mass, 10.45pm Pageant & carolling), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.00am (M*), 9.30am, 5.30pm


Dec 24: 5.30pm, 11.00pm
Dec 25: 8.15am, 10.15am, 12.00pm, 6.00pm

Dec 24: 7.00pm (M), 9.30pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.30am, 9.00am (M), 10.45am, 3.30pm (Bahasa Indonesia), 5.30pm

Dec 24: 8.30pm (Children’s Mass), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.30am (M*), 9.00am, 10.45am, 12.30pm

Dec 24: 6.00pm (Tamil), 8.30pm (Malayalam), 8.30pm (carolling followed by Mass in Mandarin), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.30am, 9.00am,11.00am

Dec 24: 7.30pm (Family Mass), 9.30pm (M*), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.15am


Dec 24: 9.00pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 9.15am & 11.15am, 6.00pm (M*)

Dec 24: 9.30pm (M*), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 9.00am (M*), 10.45am & 5.30pm

Dec 24: 6.00pm (Children’s Mass), 9.00pm & M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.30am (M*), 8.45am; 10.30am; 12.15pm & 6.00pm

Dec 24: 11.30pm Carolling, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.00am (M*), 10.00am, 6.00pm

Dec 24: 7.00pm (Children Mass), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.00am (M*), 9.30am, 11.15am, 6.00pm

Dec 24: 7.00pm (Children’s Pageant followed by Mass), 9.00pm (Cantata), 9.30pm Mass, 11.00pm (Cantata), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 9.00am; 11.30am & 5.30pm


Dec 24: 8.00pm Pageant (M*), 9.00pm Mass (M*), 11.00pm Carolling, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.00am, 10.00am

Dec 24: 7.30pm (M*), 9.30pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 11.00am, 6.00pm

Dec 24: 5.00pm, 6.30pm (T*), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.00am (M*), 9.30am, 11.00am & 5.00pm

Dec 24: 5.30pm (Children’s Mass), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.00am, 9.00am. & 11.00am


Dec 24: 8.00pm, 11.00pm
Dec 25: 7.00am, 8.15am (M*), 9.45am, 11.30am, 6.00pm

Dec 24: 6.00pm (Children’s Mass),
9.00pm, M’nite Mass (Cantata 30 mins before Mass)
Dec 25: 8.15am (M*), 9.45am, 11.30am & 5.30pm



Dec 24: 7.00pm (pageant), 7.30pm, (Mass), 9.00pm (carolling, M*), 9.30pm (Mass, M*), 11.15pm (carolling), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.30am, 9.15am, 11.00am

Dec 24: 9.00pm (Children’s Mass), M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 8.00am, 10.00am, 6.15pm

Dec 24: 6.00pm, 9.00pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 9.00am, 11.00am & 5.30pm

Dec 24: 8.00pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.15am, 9.00am, 11.00am

Dec 24: 9.00pm, M’nite Mass
Dec 25: 7.00am, 9.00am, 11.00am, 6.00pm


#LittlePilgrimage 12. Church of St. Francis Xavier

so i have this weird idea of doing a mission : go and have mass on each and every catholic church in singapore. it means i’ll go to different churches every week, having a mass there, enjoy the peaceful moment to pray, then go home. this mission i called #LittlePilgrimage Mission.

#LittlePilgrimage 11. St. Francis Xavier 63A Chartwell Drive, Singapore 558758

DSC_0030 - Copy 11. Church of St Francis Xavier05DSC_0045it was a beautiful, bright and sunny day and amazingly i could wake up early this morning! hallelujah! so i went to 11am Mass, far away to the serangoon district. the journey was very long but i literally enjoyed it so much even though i had my skin tanned which i didn’t want to.

first of all,, i took almost any bus from the bus stop in front of my place, and stopped in front of opp. beauty world plaza. i went cross the building,, and seemed like i could hang around here sometimes. i walked about 400m to Goh & Goh building,, and turned out streetdirectory was lying to me. i should have took bus near Goh & Goh building,, but instead the jurong kechil road was closed. it means i had to walked over 200m to the north to find another bus stop.

finally arrived at anak bukit road and took bus 985 to toa payoh road. i stopped at the 3rd bus stop after the PIE, at trellis tower bus stop, then changed bus to 105. i was lost at my counting after braddell reservoir flyover, missed out the bus stop and stopped at nanyang bus stop. it means i had to walked back over 200m to new tech park bus stop, where i changed bus 73. stopped at the first bus stop,, then continued by foot. i walked over 500m to reach the church.

the church bells was chiming when i’ve just arrived in front of the church gate, greeted by Mr. Francis Xavier at the gate. Germaine Cousins has just left all of her flocks and running over the field and crossing the river all the way down to the church. but i obviously didn’t meet her. (“:

from the outside,, this church looks more like our neighbour’s church (not RC church). but once i stepped inside the church,, i could see the famous saints were attending at the church. those famous saints who sit around the throne of the Kingdom of Heaven (St. Anne, St. Joseph, St. Therese, etc.). so yes,, the interior was so RC church and it’s beautiful.

funny thing is,, the background of the altar,, behind the Jesus’ cross,, the stained glass window with corps pictures. reminds me of: children of the corn. old movie. ha. ain’t we supposed to be children of God instead of the corn?? D:

went back to my place,, i walked over 100m to the bus stop near the church. and there was only 1 bus coming for every (like) 20 mins. so i took that bus 317, went around the neighborhood. and once again,, streetdirectory lied to me. it asked me to stop at opp portchester avenue, and walk through someone’s house to get to ang mo kio road. so i had to walk over 200m, circled around this housing to get to the nearest bus stop at ang mo kio road. i should have stopped at opp. cowdray ave instead. /:

arrived at opp.daikin bus stop, ang mo kio road, i had to face 2 options : take bus 76, which will go to bukit timah road, stop around my office, change bus to either bukit panjang plaza or junction10 to have my late lunch there then go home,, or. take bus 165, go to holland village, have my lunch there, then went back home.

bus 165 arrived first. so holland village it is! and turned out bus 165 was a double dekker! :”D excited to had the perfect seat : upstairs, front seat. so i had the perfect view to be enjoyed, along the road to holland v. i literally stopped counting hours and just enjoying the time and space. i took bus 970 from holland v to my place,, the bus i usually avoid, because it has longer route to my place. but i had the whole day, today. so let’s just forget the time and enjoy the journey! ;D

today i had the most beautiful adventure so far! a lot of walk,, beautiful views,, didn’t mind if the time passing me by.

anywho,, the interesting point about this church was the journey. because this church was located in the middle of housing and no bus go through there, except the bus 317 which only goes around the neighborhood.

this is the official web of the church : http://web.sfxchurch.sg/

and the wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_Saint_Francis_Xavier,_Singapore

#LittlePilgrimage 10. St. Anne’s Church

so i have this weird idea of doing a mission : go and have mass on each and every catholic church in singapore. it means i’ll go to different churches every week, having a mass there, enjoy the peaceful moment to pray, then go home. this mission i called #LittlePilgrimage Mission.

#LittlePilgrimage 10. St. Anne’s Church, 66 Sengkang East Way, Singapore 548593.

10. St.Anne's Church01 10. St.Anne's Church03 - Copy 10. St.Anne's Church16 - Copylucky i didn’t stumble when i was running down the bridge stairs chasing the bus no.963 (which as far as i knew,, it only pass my place for every 20 or 30 mins). and finally the bus driver stopped the bus for me.

bus no.963 took me to woodlands region interchange. and who knows,, my place is actually near the zoo! D: the journey from my place to woodlands reg.int. was beautiful,, because we were passing the PIE and enjoying the view of singapore zoological garden. well still,, i wasn’t lucky enough because i couldn’t see the giraffe from this distance. 😛

arrived at woodlands reg.int., the nice man at the information center told me to take bus no.161 to go to punggol road. and so i queued at berth.15. the bus arrived less than 10 mins later. the journey from woodlands reg.int to punggol road was more beautiful,, it was passing many parks and forested area. more green things to see! :”D

arrived at st.anne bus stop, the church was located about 100 m from the bus stop.

saint Anne and little Mary greeted at the gate. as i walked around the church,, there was a nice posting at the bulletin wall,, there was–of course–Mary’s statue with little garden around it. there was a quite huge bird cage with many kind of small birds inside,, there was a pond with so many beautiful kois inside. i definitely could say this yard was well-maintained.

stepped inside the church,, the aircon was good! 😀 and i couldn’t miss the door handle with angels shape!! :”D the carpet was thick and has beautiful motif, also. the altar was so-so.

what i didn’t like was the choir leader, who stood in the middle of the altar. this lady with nice shoes told us not to sing if we didn’t know the song,, she only allowed us to sing the chorus. and also she asked the ladies to sing the ladies part, and man for the man’s part. too much rules! whatthe! what if i sing the whole songs with my own melodies?? |:

anywho,, apart from that lady,, this church has quite a lot of interesting points. from the well-maintained yard, nice aircon and good modern interior.

to go back to my place,, i crossed punggol street and walked around 100m to sengkang east way bus stop. took the same bus 161 to woodlands reg.int., queued at berth 15,, took bus 963 to my place. i could go straight to my place with bus 961,, but i thought i need to stop by at bukit panjang plaza and had my dinner there.

there’s no wiki about this church. but here’s the official web : http://www.stanneonline.org/drulive/

Catholic Church at the City District Singapore

and so i’ve been to :

1. Novena Church

2. Cathedral of The Good Shepherd

3. Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

4. Church of St. Michael

5. Church of St. Bernadette

6. Church of St. Teresa

7. Church of the Sacred Heart

8. St. Joseph Church (victoria street)

9. Church of Sts. Peter & Paul

there goes all the catholic church in the city district! :”D next sunday i will start my #LittlePilgrimage to explore the serangoon district! ;D

what a wonderful adventure so far,, i wonder how sad it will be after i finished this little pilgrimage. (“: